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Rebalance, Reorganize,
Reenvision Your Life

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MEET DINA clc,cwc

Certified Life & Wellness Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker

Serving Women in the US & Canada

I have a Masters of Clinical Psychology from The New York Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s of Science. I have counseled adolescents with substance abuse and taught daily living skills to developmentally disabled adolescents.  

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a co-creative relationship focused on clients who are mentally sound and fully functioning, who have accepted their past, and want to utilize all of their energy on future dreams, visions, and goals.

In order to open up your mind and allow you to discover the answers you have been seeking, we will use specific coaching techniques and skills to retrain your brain. Coaching is client and solution-oriented. We will look at the obstacles and challenges keeping you from attaining your full potential. Our plan focuses on how to flip the negative habits and self-talk, replacing them with positive messages and productive goals. We will combat those hormonal imbalances that are causing you distress and find real solutions to get you moving in the right direction. I will support you on achieving your dreams and aspirations, while holding you accountable when you lack motivation or commitment. Many reasons why we do not accomplish our goals in life is that we do not have anyone to answer to- this is key!

It is also important to keep in mind that transformation takes time. A quick fix or a one-day crash course doesn't fix problems, it takes REAL effort on your part. Yes, it's hard work! Yes, sometimes you will feel defeated or want to give up. But you wont! And you know why? Because, I will be there reminding you, every step of the way, that you can and will make your goals happen.

All sessions will exist in a safe and 100% confidential environment and is based upon open communication, honesty, and non-judgement. No destination is too far and we will get you there!



"Dina is an amazing coach. She helped me to get through a very difficult problem and held me accountable. She was very insightful and encouraging. Dina is the ultimate professional."

“I loved my time working with Dina!! She is very organized and asks great questions to get you to think of how to get a more joy-filled, fulfilled life.”

Martha Christian

“I wasn't sure what to expect but Dina has been incredible to work with. She is so thoughtful and has really helped me to set and prioritize my personal goals.”

Michelle Lee

Tracey Walker Carter

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Certified Wellness Coach

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