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3 Reasons Why You’re Not As Beautiful As You Could Be & How Coaching Can Help

Updated: May 7, 2022

As we age, our quest to look and feel beautiful intensifies. Society convinces us that we have to buy every beauty product we can get our hands on, and we seldom think, “Can this damage my skin?” “Am I allergic to these ingredients?” We just accept the idea that these modern day, magical potions might turn us into Barbie or a 20 year old model at the drop of a cream. It’s a billion dollar industry marketing, targeting, and brainwashing women into believing we need to be physically perfect night and day.

How many women climb upon a chair at the sight of a spider, yet would gladly welcome 30 needles in her face if it promised to tighten her skin? Or how many of us turn in disgust or freak out seeing blood during a horror movie, yet would eagerly wait outside in a snow storm if we were offered free dermabrasion to peel part of our own face off? Now, I am no way against plastic surgery or any other beauty invention that can us make look and feel better. But, are we missing the big picture?

When you ask both men and women what they find most attractive in a woman it may surprise you. An ideal woman possesses independence, a positive attitude, and confidence. This is where coaching comes in, because the point here is… internal beauty is a woman’s greatest asset.

Let’s look at three key traits you have access to, but are probably not utilizing to your fullest potential.


We all know that it’s easy to make excuses about the things in life we fear or are unfamiliar with; however, we must remember that we control our fate and destiny. Independence lets our beauty shine, by making us exciting to others. Start off by asking yourself, “What are my biggest dreams?” “What new skill/s would I love to learn?”, “What old hobby do I desire to get back into?” or “ Where would I love to travel to next?” You get my point. The truth is people surround themselves with others who have experiences or knowledge to share. It also conveys that you are motivated and interesting.

Independence means not letting your hormones define who you want to become and where you go tomorrow. Coaching helps you explore the fears and symptoms that are hindering you from achieving your goals and get you off that couch and onto more important things.


Who likes to be around a negative Nancy? Not me! And not any man I know! The truth is we all get into moods from time to time. Sometimes we hate that we are aging against our will or that our homes look more like a battlefield then a designer showroom. Sometimes we are bitter because we can’t conceive, that we found a chin hair and might be turning into a Billy goat, or just that our hormones are out of whack! We all struggle and I’m here to tell you that it’s ok! But, what isn’t ok is letting your frustration and negativity become a daily part of your routine and identity. Coaching helps by providing you with support when you don’t feel your best, so that you can get back into a positive state of mind. When you view someone smiling, it’s infectious. When you feel good, you look good, and that is a fact!


Confidence, not to be confused with conceit is an essential part of beauty. Women tend to place extra pressure upon themselves, especially when riding a hormonal rollercoaster. You may start to feel joint pain and feel frustrated that you can’t sew or do the sports you love, maybe you feel insecure after a breast surgery, or decreased estrogen levels are draining your energy or focus. You start telling yourself that you’re not good enough because you can’t make things happen. Well, I’m here to tell you that with the help of coaching you can and will rekindle that fire and get back the power you deserve over your life. Confidence takes skill, but it also takes time. Believe that you are beautiful and everyone around you will take notice, I promise.

Internal beauty is a gem. Polish it daily and watch it sparkle. You are beautiful in every way, every day… and don’t you forget it!

by Dina Abandond-callahan

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