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Three Keys to Unlock a Woman’s Greatest Success


Every woman is passionate about something. When you get excited about something it drives you, innately, to have to do it. When you feel passion for something or someone it not only consumes your mind, but it also floods your body with that “feel good” energy. This drives you to work harder. It’s this positive energy that makes a woman less content with what they have and more determined to achieve higher goals. The passionate woman doesn’t need a reason or excuse to justify that “first” step, she just Does it! Conversely, others pick up on this, gravitate towards it, and want to emulate it. The determined woman doesn’t choke on the value of the material aspects of the goal, because it brings her joy and gratification. There is never a reason to quit, because she loves the vision. With this desire lit in her mind, action becomes less about work and more about fun and fulfillment. Women who believe they can achieve greatness, achieve greatness.


Every woman knows that you can’t cook a great Thanksgiving turkey, if you keep turning the oven off. The consistent woman understands that goals, no matter how small or large, take time and commitment. This means preparing for setbacks and always re-evaluating her game plan. Life is full of failures, but the high achieving woman accepts that failures are not permanent and utilizes them to her advantage as learning tools. She understands that nothing in life worth doing is ever easy and accepts challenges head-on. She knows that there will be times when she feels overwhelmed and needs to recharge; however, she never loses sight and focus. Her goals are realistic and measureable, making them easier to keep track of. She is specific about what she wants, writes it in clear terms, and makes smaller goals if she feels that this will works better. A smart woman never forgets to reward herself for her accomplishments, and who doesn’t love that!


A successful woman knows that accountability is the most important key in her handbag. She takes responsibility for her actions, but levels up her achievements by seeking support. Studies show that we make better choices and perform at a higher level when we know we are being watched and have someone to answer to. As social creatures, we are always seeking feedback in our daily lives. However a goal-driven female reflects back on this feedback, acknowledges challenges, and makes appropriate changes to what is not working for her. She understands that initial “highs” may fade and isn’t afraid to have her accountability partner help her keep goals realistic and time-sensitive. We don’t often value ourselves or our work, it’s encouragement that keeps us happy and motivated. Accountability is the glue that keeps everything working in harmony and keeps you on course for that long term success. Bon voyage!

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